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 Adults & Teens        

Vocal Discovery Journey for Adults and Teens


This series of classes is ideal for singers from age 14 and up. In addition, the price is lower than private lessons, and focuses on improving your personal technique.

Duration: 2 months per class section, including performance
Cost: $150/mo

In every section students participate in a weekly class (one hour each). Students enjoy preparing these songs while learning vocal techniques in a fun and friendly atmosphere. At the conclusion of each 2 month section, students perform in a recital with solo and ensemble pieces. Each recital has a theme such as: Romance, Patriotic, Sacred, Christmas, Humorous etc. Students receive recognition for completion of each section. It is strongly recommended to take each section in order, ideally along with private vocal instruction to achieve superior vocal progress. Of course, there is flexibility in the program and any section may be repeated as often as students desire.

SECTION I: "To Breathe or Not to Breathe."


Learn or review the basics of posture, phonation, and breathing.

SECTION II: "Reach for a Natural High." 


Refine clear diction skills; Extend range by learning to smooth the ups & downs in singing (breaks in the vocal registers)

SECTION III: "The Balancing Act." 


Develop beautiful resonance in the tone by achieving the elements of chiaroscuro.

SECTION IV: "Getting Past Singing Fast." 


Strengthen support muscles with vocal "calisthenics" to promote agility in the voice. Learn tips for optimal vocal health.

SECTION V: "Life is a Stage." 


In our Acting for Singers class learn the elements of expression, gestures & eye focus shifts in preparation for Section VI.

SECTION VI: "The Sky's the Limit." 


Putting it all together. Refining the fundamental skills previously learned in the Series program. Taught by Dr. or Mrs. Bounous, class meets once a week.

Questions? We're happy to answer any questions you may have through call or email, or through our Contact page.

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