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 Stage Skills        

Stage Skills – Learning "Belt" and "Mix" Styles


When you step onto a stage, no matter the style of song, you have got to be able to project. Sometimes it's a "belt" song. Sometimes "mix" style. And more. Here is how you can learn to be the kind of stage singer every director wants.

Duration: 2 months, including a recital at the end.
Cost: $150/month
Meets: Weekly


BELT/MIX CLASS: "Broadway & Popular Song Styles" 


Learn the unique techniques used for musical theater and pop-style singing. This is an ideal class for anyone who wants to sing or perform live, on any stage.

(PRE-REQUISITE: Sections I-V of our "Vocal Discovery Journey" classes, which are vital to establish your proper breathing techniques before this class, which will challenge your vocal skills. Click here to see those required classes.)

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