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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

VoiceWorks Singing Studios offers a wide variety of voice lessons, private coaching, classes, and performance opportunities. Learn more about our excellent classes below for Children, Teens, and Adults! 

  Children & Youth (ages 3-14)    

These are singing "adventures" for children and youth. Using the proven and effective Suzuki style, children explore pitch, movement, sequencing and musical expressiveness. We use folk songs, singing games and dramatic play. Rhythm and notation skills are started here. Children and youth participate in ensemble performances, with opportunities for solo experiences as well.

  Adults  & Teens    

Join us for our Vocal Discovery Journey for Teens and Adults. This series of classes is ideal for singers from age 14 and up. In addition, the price is lower than private lessons, and focuses on improving your personal technique.

  Stage Skills   

When you step onto a stage, no matter the style of song, you have got to be able to project. Sometimes it's a "belt" song. Sometimes "mix" style. And more. Here is how you can learn to be the kind of stage singer every director wants.

  Stage Skills   
  Performance Class   

Participants in this ongoing class can repeat and perform all year long. This becomes an enjoyable experience, shared with like-minded singers who enjoy a variety of music and performances. Naturally, you'll also continue to challenge and strengthen your vocal technique every week.

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